I woke up one day (I’m ashamed to admit that it was not that long ago) and decided to take control of my life. I LOVE Pinterest. I’m a huge pinner. I have pinned things I wanted to do, crafts that I wanted to make, clothes that I wanted to wear, you name it and I have pinned it. I pinned at night to “unwind” and relax, because pinning made me happy, my boards were like an ongoing wish list for my life. And then I realized that I was a pinteresting (my brother’s favorite word) fraud. I pinned everything that I wanted to be, how I wanted to feel, dress and even how I wanted to view life. My reality, was in fact, the complete opposite of my Pinterest life. Then one day, BOOM, I had a realization (Ok, so maybe my husband had a little something to do with this realization…but don’t tell him I said that). I realized that I am the only person standing between my reality and my Pinterest life. I’m the only person who decides who I am, how I feel and how I view life. So instead of feeling like a fraud, instead of wishing I was something that I’m not, I decided to be exactly who I wanted to be. Exactly who I was underneath it all. I am inspired to be everything and anything. I’m inspired to make my life amazing, to surround myself with incredible people, to stop sweating the small stuff, to love and to laugh.

Now you’re probable saying to yourself, “Damn, Andrea…why did you have to start off so deep and personal”. Well I will tell you why. I wanted to explain what this blog was about, but I have no idea exactly what it is about. But I do know that I want to inspire people to feel the way I feel. I want to help people be who they want to be. I want people to stop being spectators of their own lives on social media and start living the lives they create. And just like the title of my blog, I want to inspire love and laughter.


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